About this Blog

My name is Alex, this is my personal blog (we also have an official one)

I'm the founder and lead developer at Jitbit Software, my UK-based self-funded startup. We are most known for our customer support software - the web-based help desk systems (including the hosted help desk) and the live chat app.

We're also known for our famous macro recorder and the ASP.NET forum app.

This blog is about web-entrepreneurship, self-funded startups, launching and marketing software products.

I'm also a .NET-developer, web-developer and a bit of a web designer, that's why sometimes this blog features lengthy boring articles about programming, database-servers, "AJAXing JSONed SQL results" and other geeky stuff.

Russian nerd living in London UK, crazy about motorcycles, mountain bikes, bass-guitars and snowboards. And of course - about software development.

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