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Please welcome -

May 12 1977 :: by Alex
We're proud to announce our latest product - - a heat-map click analytics app for websites.

Finally, a product for startups. Dream comes true. We scratched our own itch and built the service for our own websites and projects.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, this is very similar to "CrazyEgg" and "ClickDensity", but our service updates in realtime. Your heatmaps are not being generated every 24 hours or every hour, but every time you will be looking at your stats. You see the updated heatmap statistics just seconds after someone clicks something on your website.

And unlike Google Analytics that only shows which links people click (messing it all up when multiple links on a page point to the same URL) our heatmap analytics tracks the exact element and coordinates your visitors click. Even if it's not a link or a button.

Another great feature that puts us ahead of the competition is that our script is immune to website layouts, screen resolutions and works out-of-the-box. You don't have to tune it according to your website design ("liquid 100% width" or "fixed-center") or tell it where your logo-image is fixated. We developed a unique architecture that is totally immune to this. Just paste our script and forget about it.

Anyways, I'd be honored if you try it out. Here's the invite code for blog readers: IUWEYR7

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