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Jitbit Macro Recorder and locking a workstation

Aug 8 2009 :: by Alex
From time to time we receive support questions, asking if a macro, created with our Macro Recorder can run while the computer is locked.

The answer is "yes" and "no". It depends on a specific macro you recorded.

If your macro automates user actions, such as playing back recorded mouse movements, clicking some objects, sending recorded keystrokes or emulating user input in some other way - this macro won't work. Because even if the Macro Recorder will send mouse-moves and keyboard strokes to the computer, the computer won't respond, since all we have is a locked-screen.

But if your macro consists of system commands, like "delete file", or "shutdown computer", or "establish a VPN-connection", or "run a program" etc. etc. - this macro should run fine. You can create a scheduled task that launches such a macro (or an EXE-compiled macro, which is preferred to save performance), and the task should run even if computer is locked (having some user logged-in though).

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