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Twitter best practices for small business owners

Feb 27 2010 :: by Alex
I saw a lot of posts on the BoS forum where people don't "get" Twitter and the way they can they benefit from having a Twitter account for their mISV/startup. Here are some best practices based on how we use Twitter at Jitbit:

1) Post your feeds to Twitter. Jitbit has its news feed, blog feed and "latest releases" feed published to Twitter. We use Twitterfeed for this, but in the process of moving to Feedburner since they also started offering this feature.

2) Install a Twitter-client. We use Twirl for our PCs and Tweetie on the iPhones. Twitter clients are great because they act like IM-software: as soon as someone mentions your product, or you, or some search-term you are interested in, or retweets you, or sends you a direct message or a reply - you get an alert in your system tray. Instantly. This is just great.

3) Don't forget to add one or more twitter-searches to your twitter-client. And configure these searches to appear in the updates list along with the posts from people you follow.

One of our customers was really amazed how fast this works. He twitted about our Helpdesk software and we got back to him within 7 minutes to help him with his issues (of course we were lucky to be in the same time zone, it wouldn't work that fast if you and your customer are on different sides of the Atlantic, but anyway - imagine how great this is for the customer even if you answer in a couple of hours).

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