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What if Amazon was based in Cyprus

Apr 2 2010 :: by Alex
European leaders reached an agreement with Amazon early on Monday to cut some of the data in all cloud-storage accounts.

They are introducing what the Eurogroup calls "an upfront one-off stability levy" on cloud-storages. The levy takes 6.75 percent from all storage accounts under 100 gigabytes and 9.9 percent of all cloud-storage accounts above 100 gigabytes.

Amazon datacenters are closed on Monday for a scheduled holiday but we will find out on Tuesday whether people are willing to keep their data in the cloud-storage accounts in a country that occasionally imposes “one-off stability levies” – most things that people claim are one-off aren’t.

A Paris-based trader said: "The loss of confidence in the cloud storage system stemming from this crisis will not only weigh on the storage providers but also on the economy of the region."

The long lines at datacenters Saturday disappeared temporarily — mainly because the servers had been drained of data.

Lots of geeks around me (not just my US-based friends, even the EU folks) tend to underestimate the Cyprus problem... You know why? We - the geeks - are used to living in abstract imaginary worlds. Geeks are never motivated by money. For geeks, "money" - anything bigger than paying rent or buying food - have always been some abstract "number". Even when a geek starts a business and makes a million dollars - it's still just a number. He never measures a million dollars in Lamborghini's or houses. Simply because he doesn't give a crap about Lamborghini's. It's just a number. "Look my number is bigger than Joey's... Cool, let's order pizza and play some Playstation"

I just rephrased the Cyprus story in a way any Geek would understand.

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