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Optimizing the Funnel

Jun 13 2010 :: by Alex
If you think of it - everything that a startup does (except for the actual software development part) is "optimizing the funnel".

It's all about making it easy for the customer to find, try and buy the product.

Designing a nice website and writing a definitive description for your product. Promoting and SEOing the website. Buying AdWords and sending out news hoping to attract the buzz - it's all about shortening that path: finding, trying and buying.

Here are some tips on how a mISV can improve the conversion rate:

  1. Describe your product carefully. Work on the "bounce rate". Your product description has two tasks: a) - a visitor should be able to tell what your product does just by glancing at the text. And b) - tell what makes it different from similar products.

  2. Offer .EXE not .ZIP downloads Not everyone is familiar with archiving.

  3. Have a "launch me" checkbox at the end or your installer. This is a must.

  4. Have this checkbox CHECKED by default!

  5. All "download" links on your website should point to the actual file. Not some download page.

  6. Don's ask for the user's email on the download page. Only if its a web-based product sign-up.

  7. Keep your "sign-up" page neat (for web-based products), requiring as few details as possible. Have your friends and colleagues look at it.

  8. "Buy" links should point to the actual order form, where users enter their payment info. But also keep in mind that this page is a place to slow down a bit and stay delicate - let users review the order, change the quantity.

'Optimizing the Funnel' was written by Alex by Alex. CEO, founder