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Developing a Haul Truck (MS Employee Interview)

Aug 8 2010 :: by Alex
I just had a Skype-chat with a close friend of mine who works at Microsoft. With his kind permission I'm posting some of the quotes below (translated by me):

" know, working on a gigantic project is somewhat annoying. And most projects in Microsoft - really are huge. It's like fine-tuning a small screw in a haul truck.

You can't just add some feature to the core engine and go home with a "yeah, I made something" feeling. Instead, you spend three weeks developing a couple of small things, spending 40% of your time in meetings, emails, researches etc. Then it's another 2+ weeks to test it, review it, polish it, discuss it (more emails & meetings). Then there are 24+ hours of deployment. And finally you see that some tiny thing has changed by 1% and, well, "this rocks". At least it's supposed to.

And that's my web-development team, which is considered to have a relatively FAST development cycle. Windows team is like three times slower, you're lucky to ship something once in two years. Not to mention the guys from some "Windows Installer Testing Team" - those guys are real samurais, I would never be able to work there.

...It's not that bad. I guess it's just the size of the "haul truck" that makes it this way. If you tune something wrong in a haul truck and send it back to the mines - it'll smash everything in sight and then blow itself up. Unlike tuning a bicycle, tuning a haul truck requires lots of thinking, lots of talking, lots of planning and lots of developing... This sucks to me though."

Another reason why I should buy from a small software company.

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