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My Travel Backpack Contents

Jan 3 2011 :: by Alex
I travel a lot. Conferences, business-trips and of course, leisure... The latter involves working anyway, since running a software company means no freaking vacations ever. So this is my backpack and what I have in it:


I travel with a freeride snowboard pack "Dakine Mission". I started using it on my snowboard trips only, but it's so darn comfy and reliable, that I use it everywhere now. It's laptop-compatible, durable and has enough pockets to hold passports/pens/wallets.

Snowboard packs are awesome cause they have a waist belt, a chest lock and great S-shaped straps. The pack is attached so tight, that you can easily perform those crazy airport runs "from terminal A to terminal Z" trying to get to your connection in time, without the risk of losing your laptop.


Plane - is where your productivity boosts to top. It's an ideal place where you stay uninterrupted for hours - no phones, no emails, no stupid questions... And no Youtube or Facebook (just don't buy wireless Internet when travelling within the US).

Being a geek packed with all kinds of gadgets, I still prefer working with ideas and sketches on paper. That's why my backpack has a Moleskine in it. And a Parker pen my wife gave me (or, should I say - keeps giving me, because I keep losing them). The only place I use those - is planes.

Sony PRS-650 reader

I believe it's the best reader out there. It features the same e-Ink as Kindle does, but unlike Kindle - it comes with a touch-screen.

Sony has invented a great new way to add touchscreens to e-Readers: instead of adding another sensitive "layer", that spoils the image, the device creates an invisible "net" of infrared beams above the screen, and a finger "breaks" the net when you touch it. Awesome.

People often ask me "why do you need a reader if you have an iPad?" Well, first of all, the iPad's battery can't handle a transatlantic flight. Second of all, the indirect reflected light is way better for your eyes when reading. With iPad LCD you are getting direct light hitting your eyes.

16GB USB flash drive

For offline daily backups.


And by "adapters" I mean: a bunch of SIM-cards (US/UK/EU), two mobile phones, a number of power plugs (US/UK/EU/Swiss) etc.

I hate this, actually. Can't tell how many devices I ruined because of the 127/220 volts difference. It's like having a break-of-gauge on a railroad... The World should get rid of this.

What I don't have

Laptop lock. You don't need a laptop lock. Just keep your data on a Truecrypt drive and backup daily.

iPad. iPad is great when travelling with kids, or for short 1 day trips. Otherwise - you carry a laptop anyways, right? I actually believe iPad is not a "mobile" device at all, but we'll save that for another post.

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