Jan 11 2011 :: by Alex

I already blogged about "Lazy SEO" - or so I call it - one of the regular promotion tasks we do here at Jitbit.

In short "Lazy SEO" is:

  1. Checking Google Analytics or Search Console for the keywords that already bring some (but not most) visitors to your website
  2. Tune you website for these exact keywords - by adding a couple of links with this anchor and slightly adjusting the page content

For example: it is almost impossible for us to compete on the "help desk software" search phrase. But queries that already bring us some visitors, like on-premise help desk or helpdesk ticketing system is something we can work with. Adding a couple of links and adjusting the product description give a slight increase in the search traffic.

It's crucial to choose the right keywords for "Lazy SEO" and here are the rules to follow:

  • It should not be a query that you don't rank for. It should be the one that has your website on the first couple of pages, not further down in the search results. Your goal is to jump from number #12-14 to the first page, or move up within the top 10, not moving from #104 to #49.
  • It should not be a phrase that already ranks you at #1 or #2 in the search results. In our case, it'd make no sense to optimize for "asp.net help desk".
  • It should not be a non popular query. You have to know the monthly search volume. Use the "keyword tool" in Google AdWords or some third-party keyword database

'Lazy SEO #2' was written by Alex by Alex. CEO, founder