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Switching Network Settings vs. "Alternate Configuration"

Sep 21 2007 :: by Alex
Today we have received a letter from a very angry user, claiming that Net Profile Switch is, to put it mildly, a totally useless piece of software, cause Windows XP (and higher) has the "Alternate Configuration" tab in its network settings dialog. This tab allows you to specify alternate network settings which will be used by Windows when a DHCP server is not found in range, and thus use the computer on more than one network.

This indeed allows switching network settings but only if you deal with no more than two locations, and one of them has to be DHCP. If you have to switch between two static IP networks - you would still have to do it manually. If you have to switch between three or more network settings, you would still have to do it manually. And, finally, the Alternate Configuration feature does not allow you to specify alternate proxy servers, SMTP-settings, drive mappings, firewall settings, network shares and many other network settings that Jitbit's network settings changer allows to save.

'Switching Network Settings vs. "Alternate Configuration"' was written by Alex by Alex. CEO, founder