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Don’t Choose a SaaS Helpdesk! Really?

Mar 17 2013 :: by Alex
This is a guest post by Dean Mitchell about the objections people raise against on-demand help desk apps. And since we're a saas help desk vendor we figured it fits our blog just perfectly.

It’s obvious to everyone but a crazy hermit living in a cave eating dried frogs and drinking unsavoury and unmentionable liquids that a helpdesk solution of some kind is an unquestionable necessity for the smooth running of your business. You may already have one that causes you to tear your hair out and scream creative and colourful profanities due to its convoluted and counter-intuitive nature. Bin it now! Life is way too short for that crap!

Choosing a shiny new helpdesk – one that’ll make life a walk in the park - comes down to two basic choices – hosted or downloaded. To the vast majority the idea of a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) helpdesk located in the cloud seems like a no-brainer and we have to admit it is the option we use, but there are people who feel differently...

“I want my data right where I can see it, thank you!”

Yeah, that’s fair enough. I like to keep my phone in my back pocket at all times because it feels safe, but that’s false security because I’ve lost two down the toilet doing that! In much the same way how could keeping your data on your own server ever be as secure as on a hosted server that uses high security data centers utilizing redundant backups, biometric locks, secure data transfers and multi-level encryptions? The answer is it can’t but, hey, it’s your business and if you trust every spotty oik you employ implicitly it’s no problem!

“I do want to spend all my spare time fiddling with the code - honest!”

We also accept that there will be a small number of programmers reading this who salivate at the prospect of getting their grubby little mitts on the code. To most that’s just more hassle than it’s worth, but if fiddling and tweaking is your bag then forget about a SaaS helpdesk – a nuts and bolts download is for you.

“I want My Customer Services Department Where I Can See Them!”

In that case the big advantage of a hosted helpdesk is lost on you because your support team will be just as effective sipping coffee or at the bowling alley with a cloud based helpdesk that is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. The thing is we think the ability to deal with queries on the move is so important we added that feature to our server based version to. Just accept it – it’s way more important that your team are always there for you than always chained to the desk!

“I Don’t Like Change! We’ve Always Used an On Site Helpdesk”

Evolution catches up with everyone eventually – just ask those dinosaurs! The face of customer interactions and servicing has changed forever with the advent of social media. You may dig your feet in the sand but “We’ve always done it this way” is not a good reason to stick with a server based helpdesk unless you have a massive team of support agents in one building and a support policy that is harder to understand than Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake!

As you can see some of these arguments seem more valid that others but we suggest that even if you do stick with a downloadable helpdesk think long and hard about updating it to one that’s moving with the times and offering more than headaches and frustration.

'Don’t Choose a SaaS Helpdesk! Really?' was written by Alex by Alex. CEO, founder