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On Microconf

Feb 28 2016 :: by Alex

Microconf in only one month away. And I've already booked a nice tall Triumph Tiger 800 for a day-long ride from L.A. to Vegas (visiting every dirt-bike trail I can find along the way of course).

Microconf has always been one of my favorite conferences. I have attended it eight-ish times (IIRC 5 in the States and 3 more in Europe) I even spoke at Microconf Europe 2015 and now we're sponsoring Microconf 2016 in Vegas - it's time to give back. My company would never be where it is now if it wasn't for Microconf. We've learned so much over these years, and it's not just the tactics coming from the speakers and attendees, it is also the vibe and the atmosphere and the like-mindedness of the crowd that boosts your productivity and inspiration, and switches your brain into this creative mode where it starts generating ideas one after another, even months after the conference.

Just some of the hacks that I've learned over the years at Microconf are: marketing mondays by Mike Taber, "integration marketing" from Rob Walling, "tier pricing" ideas from Jason Cohen, behavioral anti-churn follow-up strategy from Brennan Dunn, user onboarding hacks from Samuel Hulick and many, many, many more.

At Microconf it is normal to see someone with a laptop in the hotel lobby rebooting their Amazon server between the talks or hacking their website code implementing ideas they have just heard from someone on stage... I really miss that at other conferences. And I really look forward to seeing you all in Vegas in a month.

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