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Uninstall Feedback

Oct 26 2007 :: by Alex
All Jitbit programs, when being uninstalled, ask the user, if she/he would like to leave us some feedback. I beleive that every mISV should add uninstall feedback to their product since it's simple and valuable. Even if only 1 user of 10 will leave some feedback, it will give you some food for thought.

But remember to make it optional for your user! Never launch a browser or perform any network activity without asking the user. For example, here is the message shown when someone uninstalls our Macro Recorder:

Still, many users do not read these messages. That's why we receive feedback like this:

"actually, I was just uninstalling to move to my new pc, but ANY site that forces me to visit their site WITHOUT ASKING me, is a site I (and ALL of my Internet friends) will avoid in the future. Your loss!!!!!!!!! Trust me!!"

Makes me sad.

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