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Multilingual HelpDesk and AspNetForum - get a discount!

Nov 7 2007 :: by Alex
Just a quick note on what we're working on and a discount opportunity we offer.

For the last two weeks we are being focused on globalizing our ASP.NET-based software products. Our Help-Desk Software user interface has been completely reworked, and all language-specific elements are now configured as assembly resources... Don't mind this technical stuff. The point is, that the application is now easily localizable to other languages. The latest version of HelpDesk comes with English and German languages included, and we plan adding more languages in the future.

Our Asp-Net-Forum software is also being localized now. The first languages to support will be English and Dutch. Also, unlike HelpDesk, which is translated in full, AspNetForum will be translated partially (admin-area will remain in English, but all the topic pages, message-lists, search etc. will be translated). UPDATE: AspNetForum is also translated in full!

Help us with a translation and get a discount! We offer a huge (up to 50%) discount to anyone who will help us with the translation into one of the popular languages. Please contact us!

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