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Jitbit AspNetForum just got better

Nov 19 2007 :: by Alex
As you might know, SQL Server Express 2005 has a great feature: it can automatically attach an .MDF file to a running instance of SQL Server Express when an application first establishes a connection. So if you run SQL Server Express - you simply place the database file to some location, modify the database connection string to something like "AttachDbFileName=c:\database.MDF" and you are ready to run.

Another great feature is the ASP.NET "App_Data" folder. If you are familiar with ASP.NET, you know that this special folder holds databases (.mdb and .mdf files), XML files, and other data stored in files. And the user account that is used to run the forum application (for example, the local ASPNET account) already has permissions to read, write, and create files in this folder by default.

Now I can't imagine how stupid we were - we never utilized these two great features before!

So please welcome Asp-Net-Forum 4.4.1.
1) The installation package now comes with a ready-to-use SQL Server Express 2005 database file (MDF-file).
2) Both MS Access sample database and SQL Express sample database files are now located in the "App_Data" folder.

Now, if you want to use the forum under MS Access or SQL Express, forget about dealing with file permissions, and, moreover, forget about editing the connection string! The installation just got easier - simply copy the forum to your website and start working in seconds.

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