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Automating customer support

Jul 4 2007 :: by Alex
The author of BlogJet wrote in his blog, that that nearly 80% of customer support can be automated. Recently I realized, that 80% - is a recursive value. I mean, after you have automated 80% of your support work, take a closer look at the remaining 20%. You will see another 80% to automate.

80% of support requests to Jitbit Software are "we-have-not-received-our-key" type of issues. Typically this is a result of improper spam-filtering on the customer's side (though there are exceptions: a guy from Poland wrote me today that registration email was lost because he exceeded the 2GB limit of his mailbox). So, we simply have to add a "Code not received" issue-type to our helpdesk software and send a registration code form an alternate mailbox when this type of issue arrives.

Let's have a look at the remaining 20% requests. 80% of them are "we-have-lost-our-key" issues. This also can be automated. And so forth.

PS. All this sounds very cool, but to tell you the truth, we simply have no time to implement all these features :). So we still answer our tickets manually. Like 90% of our colleagues.

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