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7 reasons why I will never buy a Macbook Air

Jan 25 2008 :: by Alex

Macbook Air: the thinnest notebook ever, based on Flash-memory (still there's a HDD-version), featuring a 13,3" screen and a 1.6 GHz Intel Core-Duo inside.

It's undeniably beautiful. It's unbelievably thin. But:

  1. Costs $3000 and has the same specs as a PC laptop for $1000
  2. No DVD-drive. If you want to install some software, rip CDs or watch DVDs - get an add-on drive for another $100
  3. Only one USB-port which is too little these days.
  4. No Ethernet, No Firewire, No Audio-input... But you can get an adapter for all that. For instance, an Apple USB-to-Ethernet adapter for $30. But you won't be able to use Ethernet and DVD simultaneously (see #3).
  5. Only 1.6 GHz which is a bit slow. But I've read that Apple even coaxed Intel into reworking their Core 2 Duo processor to be 60% smaller, just for the Macbook Air.
  6. RAM is un-expandable. Stick to the default 2GB.
  7. Nothing is replaceable. The battery is not user-replaceable, nor is HDD (if you choose a HDD-version). So if the battery dies in 2 years, you’ll be taking your notebook to Apple to replace it.

Yes, you pay more for smaller size, but who, exactly, is this product for? It's not a "subnotebook", but it fails to be a regular notebook.

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