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Rewards of being a Software CEO

Jul 14 2007 :: by Alex
"Software CEO", "runs his own business", this sounds really cool at first. My friends are jealous. My dad is proud.

Here are the rewards you get for being a CEO:

No vacations. I cannot leave home without my laptop and Visual Studio installed. I cannot spend more than 12 hours with no Internet in range. Wi-Fi is probably the most important criteria when I book a hotel. A coworking site near the hotel with Internet access and a coffee machine is great luck. Or at least an internet-cafe. Even on vacations I spend 3 hours a day in it.

Last time we were on vacation with my wife, I ended up uploading a fresh build of our Hosted Help-Desk to our website via the airport's wireless network. The network was so slow, that we nearly missed our plain.

No weekends. Weekends consist of nothing but studying, researching, coding, preparing tasks for the outsourcers and full-timers, reviewing stats, reading tech blogs... And a bunch of other things you had no time to fix during the week. Plus coding coding coding. Thank God, there's not much support requests from our customers on weekends.

No free time. I work 24 hours. Even when I go to sleep, I keep asking myself questions, like "how can I improve conversions?" or "what's wrong with this damn Vista that it throws errors with this COM-object?". And of course "why no one, never, ever pays for a 'free-for-personal-use' product?" :)

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