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7 rules for writing sales emails

Feb 28 2008 :: by Alex
Recently we've received several proposals from a well-known eCommerce provider asking us to switch to them from Plimus (our current online payments processor). Their somewhat insistent email has induced me to write this post - 7 simple rules for writing sales emails, that we follow here at Jitbit:
  1. No questions. "Please tell us your sales volume, and we will send you our rates". No way! Send out your rates table in advance. When a recipient reads your email, he is not deciding whether he wants your services or not. He decides whether he deletes your email right now, or after a while. So no questions.

  2. Create a USP (a unique selling proposition) and place it at the top of your email. Give your recipient one good reason why he should spend another second reading your email. Give him, what Bob Walsh calls "the Hook" - your initial statement which differs you from all the other junk.

  3. Know your competitor. Visit their website, look through their features and prepare a short list of your features that beats them, before offering your services. When you ask someone "please switch to us from XXX", be ready for the appropriate question - "why the heck do you think you suit me better than XXX?".

  4. Make it short. Be succinct and make your email clear.

  5. Read it aloud. This is a great tip from professional editors.

  6. Don't CC multiple recipients. Instead, send multiple personalized emails.

  7. Don't send it! Save your email as a draft and re-read it in the morning. If you still like it - send it.
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