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"Hey, our website is down"

Jun 30 2008 :: by Alex
A VPS (Virtual Private Server AKA "Virtual Dedicated Server") is a must-have for a mISV I must say. With shared hosting it was nothing but pain. With a VPS you can host any number of databases, websites and services on it. If you consider yourself more experienced than the average "shared-hosting-support-guy" - why not use your skills?

We've just moved our server that hosts the website, the customers database and other stuff to a new location. Our previous hosting provider - DotNetPark - that we've used for the last two years, has their servers really overloaded, so we decided to move.

Now we have a virtual server in the Atlanta-based datacenter from the VpsLand hosting company. VpsLand's support was quite helpful so far. The connectivity also seem to be fine. We'll see for the rest...

Now, speaking of the website hosting and tech-support,
Awesome hilarious video about the helpdesk everyday work. Must see!

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