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Lazy SEO (tm)

Dec 31 2008 :: by Alex

Here's a nice little tip for startups & mISV's who want to increase their search engine traffic in minutes.

One of the monthly marketing tasks performed regularly at Jitbit is what we call "Lazy SEO".

"Lazy SEO" is finding keywords that already bring you visitors from search engines, and further optimizing the website for these very keywords. If your website is already ranked by some "long-tail" keyword "near the top" of the SERP, why not improve the rankings even more?

You can easily locate those keywords in Google Analytics or any other analytics software (update: not after Google has removed keywords from the referrer, but you can still use Google Search console). When picking a keyword - make sure there IS room for improvement. So, first, look at the sites higher in the SERP - can you beat them? Second, it should not be the keyword you're already ranked #1 for.

Example: to promote our Jitbit Helpdesk product, we initially tried to optimize the page for the "helpdesk software" query. Which is almost impossible, since the competition is crazy here. But there are a couple of less frequent queries like "help desk ticket software" or " helpdesk" that (turns out) already bring us some traffic. Adding a couple of sentences to the product description, writing a couple of articles and creating a couple of internal links with the right anchor text does the job: the traffic stream slightly increases.

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