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In the early days internet pioneers thought the web would be used primarily for exchange of information, and it's true it is used that way, but for most users it's main function is communication. More and more organizations are now offering bulletin boards and forums where users can exchange ideas, make friends or simply chat as it's a great way to interact with your customer base in an informal manner. This is why Jitbit developed this ASP.NET forum software.

Why ASP.NET Forum Software?

Classic ASP forum software is still available, but the smart money is on ASP.NET forum software for a number of reasons. The latest versions of IIS-server do not even enable ASP by default and it's no longer listed at the Microsoft's "Product Lifecycle" page so why use something that's no longer supported officially? To check out the technical reasons why ASP.NET is superior have yourself a read of this article.

Fully Featured ASP.NET Forum Software

We're pretty confident that our bulletin board software covers all the bases feature wise so let's have a look as what it offers:

  • Fast and clean - The use of advanced caching techniques ensure your forum will render almost instantly and we've kept the design and code lightweight and free of any unnecessary nonsense so it's simple and powerful.
  • SEO enabled – Page titles and forum topic URL's are all SEO optimized by default and contain your keywords.
  • Fully customizable – With the option to download the C# ASP.NET forum source codes developers can alter anything they please, but even non developers can play around freely with the HTML and CSS to give your forum any look you desire.
  • Android and iPhone compatible – What's the point of a forum you can't access anywhere!
  • Easily integrated – Supports both Windows and Form Authentication to allow for efficient and easy integration into your website.
  • Notify users – Offering user-controlled subscriptions to forum threads, personal messages and new topics via email notification your users never need miss out on the flow of conversation.
  • Cross Database compatible - MS Access, MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008 and MySQL 5.x compatible, our ASP.NET software will theoretically (and hopefully in practice too!) work with any database engine that has an ADO.NET driver.

We really do hope these features amongst others make our forum software worth looking at and we back that up by offering a never expiring free trial version. Worth a shot?

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