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ASP.NET MVC is a new framework from Microsoft that implements model-view-controller pattern. It's been a trend lately among web-developers to launch new web-sites based on that framework. Chances are, you have your website developed on ASP.NET MVC too and you need a Forum engine that integrates in your infrastructure smoothly.

Our ASP.NET Forum works fine with MVC

We've got good news for you: ASP.NET Forum integrates extremely well with websites based on any version of ASP.NET MVC, all Forum features are supported, including SEO-Friendly URLs.

To integrate Forum to your ASP.NET MVC based app, you just need to follow the manual, installation will go flawlessly. Refer to the SEO-FRIENDLY URLS AND HTML-TAGS section in the manual to enable good-looking URL's in Forum, which is installed in a subdirectory of an existing ASP.NET MVC app.

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