Bat-to-Exe converter. A compiler that converts batch files to standalone executables. FREE for personal use.

Bat-To-Exe has been discontinued and is no longer sold by Jitbit Software. Our flagship product is now Jitbit Ticketing System please check it out.

Bat-to-Exe converts your batch files into standalone Windows executables (.EXE files). The resulting EXE-files are compressed and encoded, making it hard to reverse-engineer your batch file.

What is a batch file

On the Windows operating system, batch files are text files that contain a series of commands that should be executed by the operating system interpreter. The commands could be any kind of directives supported by the operating system's "command line" and/or names of other executable files or batch files. Since batch files are text-based, they can be easily reverse engineered.

Why Bat-to-Exe?

Bat-to-Exe unlimited trial

The trial version of Bat-to-Exe is fully functional. It has no time-limit. You can use it freely to create as many EXE files as you want. the only restriction is: you should use it for evaluation purposes only and you're not allowed to redistribute your EXE files.