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IT Help Desk Software Solutions Remove Headaches!

As a business expands the benefits of a hosted help desk are many, but one that is often overlooked is how much easier it makes life for your tech support team. Now, of course you'll have had the foresight to employ a highly regarded group of uber geeks to ensure all that stuff you know nothing about gets done -you know, firewalls, anti-virus and all those little tweaks to your systems that these clever dudes are always so enthusiastic about while you just nod and smile - but if you don't offer your people IT help desk software you're simply not making best use of their talents. We're not the preachy type, but it has to be said that it's just plain ineffective business practice to waste the time of these highly skilled members of staff by having antiquated customer service systems in place that rely on emails, note leaving and basically hoping the right person picks up the query.

Give The Dudes in IT Help Desk Software and Do It Now!

Go on, make their day! Seriously though, a hosted IT help desk will allow your tech support team to respond to issues in quick time and monitor services far more efficiently by always having a single point of contact, which can only improve relationships and teamwork between all departments.

Your choice of a server based or hosted help desk depends largely on your computer skills and whether your IT people are available 24 hours a day to solve issues. We suggest a hosted help desk if you want the peace of mind of knowing any member of staff can hold the customer service fort with only minimal training while you let the IT geeks out of the cellar for a holiday. Come on, they deserve it!

Why not download Jitbit's free trial version which thanks to it's use of Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL Server is the most reliable and technically advanced IT ticketing system available and has a limitless evaluation period so you can see for yourself just how happy, not only your IT staff, but your whole team will be when everything is running like a well oiled machine.

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