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Cloud Based CRM For Your Business

Cloud Based CRM

Managing your customer relations is certainly something too important to be sent into the cloud, isn't it? Customer relations is supposed to be about down to earth, basic things, like a firm handshake, remembering the buying habits and preferences of your clients, what their issues had been in the past and how you were able to resolve them.

These are all issues which are much too important to be thrown into something as ephemeral as a cloud, right? Cloud based CRM is just a fancy way of saying you will use the Internet to keep track of the things that your customers need.

Simple Business Software Solutions

CRM, Customer Relation Management software is simply a system which allows you to market, sell, and deliver goods and services to your clients. The software is a way to centralize the information about your customer interactions, and provides tools to analyze those interactions. This information will allow you to improve your product delivery as well as enhance your customer's experience.

Although our emphasis is on small to medium sized businesses, JitBit's Hosted CRM is scalable to any sized enterprise.

What Is The Cloud?

What could be the advantage of having your CRM based in “the cloud”? Doing things in the Cloud is simply the latest buzz-word for doing things on the Internet. This means that the information you need to conduct your business is not locked up back in the office file cabinet, you don't even need to log on to the office computer to access it. With Cloud based CRM, the information is available where ever you have access to the Internet.

This means that business can be done in the office, at home, at the corner coffee shop, even using the smart phone in your pocket. (Yes, you can work with your CRM while riding in the car, but please, only when someone else is driving!)

Do You Ever Wonder Where the Cloud Is?

JitBit's CRM application is hosted on Amazon's servers at the US-East data center in Northern Virginia. The servers are monitored 24/7 and the data is backed up daily. Your business information will remain secure, even if you allow your JitBit account to lapse.

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