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Customer Relationship Management is the number one key to making your business the one everyone is talking about. If you don't believe me take a look at Facebook and see how many of your friends complain about shoddy customer service on a weekly basis. That kind of mud sticks and it's darn hard to clean up. A good quality CRM such as Jitbit's hosted version takes the headaches out of your customer relations and allows you to focus on growing your empire – however large or small that may be.

Cloud CRM Solutions That Work!

There are any number of reasons to choose a hosted CRM solution over a downloadable one, but the primary ones are all about convenience and ease of use. Yes, cloud CRM solutions are just so easy to use anyone can add one to their online business in just a few short, painless steps! Setup is instant and you will always have the latest version without having to check for updates; you will never have to worry about the infrastructure as Jitbit can and do (very well, I might add!) maintain your CRM with the highest level of proficiency and skill, providing all internet, power and protective software such as firewalls and anti-virus. Leave it to us and we'll keep you and your customers safe and secure. Email integration is easy as pie and you have no need to worry about backups as we take care of that too. How's that for service?

And If That Wasn't Enough...

As well as providing the highest quality Cloud CRM solutions with our hosted software, Jitbit has made this about the most affordable and cost-effective option around. You get a free trial and even better than that there is no “price per seat” like some of our competitors – no, Jitbit's hosted CRM give you unlimited users! Growing a multi-national concern? Need 50,000 users? No problem! And all this for less that 20 dollars a month!

If you need any more convincing that this is the perfect solution to your customer relationship management why not download that free trial today.

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