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Authentication API

Configuring single sign-on with your existing Web-apps and websites

Jitbit's Hosted CRM supports the "autologin" feature just like the downloadable version of the CRM software. This feature allows users to be pre-authenticated automatically (by your parent website for example) without entering a username and password. The "autologin" feature is targeted at developers and administrators, who integrate the Hosted CRM software into their existing websites and applications. If the user is already authenticated on your parent website (for instance) there are two options:

  1. If a user is already present in the hosted CRM database and you know his password - redirect the user to the link of this kind: "AutoLogin.aspx?username=XXXXXX&pswHash=XXXXX". Where "username" is the user's login name, and "pswHash" is a MD5-hash of the user's CRM-password.
  2. If a user is not already present in the hosted CRM database or you don't want to pass his password, use this link format: http://MyCRMUrl/AutoLogin.aspx?username=xxx&email=yyy&userHash=HASH where "username" is the user's username, "email" is is email and HASH is calculated as follows: MD5(name + email + shared-secret). The "shared secret" is specified in the admin panel. Remeber to specify a "strong" secret, at least 10 characters (the longer the better).

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