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Get The Most From A Hosted CRM Solution

You don't need to be in business very long before you realize how important it is to take care of your customers. If you have not learned this lesson yet, we'll put it in very simple terms: if you won't take care of your customers, another business will!

This is not to infer that your customers are wanting you to kiss their nether regions. What want to know that your product and service will perform as advertised, and that you will be there to support it.

Hosted Customer Relations for S/M Business

A Hosted CRM solution can be a great tool for all types of small to medium sized businesses. When you are running small and lean, you cannot afford a dedicated customer relations staff, your entire staff needs to be your customer relations department!

This means that everyone needs to be able to access customer information quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere. Certainly all business is local, but thanks to the Internet and instant communications, “Local” can mean continents away!

Local Customers Thousands Of Miles Apart

The advantage of a strictly local customer base is that you know your customers intimately. You can still have this sort of relationship when your customers are in a different time zone. Whether they are on the next block or the next state, your customers expect and deserve the same thing- quality products and services and the support to back it up.

Having a hosted CRM solution means that every one on your staff who needs the Customer Relation Management tools will have access to them no matter where they are representing your company, whether they are in the office, on the shop floor, or after hours working from their laptop at home. They could even be sitting in Seat 23D, rolling up to the terminal on their way to meet an important new client!

Welcome To The Cloud

The important thing is that everyone will have the information they need to take care of your customers, no matter where they are, day or night. With JitBit's Hosted CRM solution, your staff will always have the most up to date tools to work with.

Because we are taking care of the software “in the cloud”, you never have to worry about having the latest software upgrades or the infrastructure failing. Our servers are backed up daily and we update the software within minutes of any new version. You can learn more about the benefits of using the cloud version here.

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