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Top 7 reasons to use a Hosted CRM

Here are the top reasons to choose the hosted CRM over the "downloadable" one:

  1. Leave the infrastructure to us - let the professionals care about the power supply, Internet, firewalls/antiviruses and the server maintenance of your hosted CRM.
  2. Always the latest version - with no upgrade fees. We update the hosted CRM as soon as we release a new version
  3. Email integration - the hosted CRM offers the same level of email integration as the installed one. It sends outgoing messages to your contacts and optionally checks a specified mailbox to import your correspondence to the appropriate CRM entries.
  4. No hardware and software costs - you don't need your own server, you don't need a copy of Windows and a copy of MS SQL Server
  5. Instant setup - sign-up for a free trial and start working in minutes.
  6. No backup headaches - leave it to us. We have multiple scheduled backup plans, which include a daily database backup and a daily server backup.
  7. SSL - secured HTTPS connections

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