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Cloud based Help Desk

“Cloud” is more than just a buzzword. It’s a technology that makes the use of web services easier and cheaper for you as a company and for us as a software vendor. In this article we will try to explain why we believe in it and what’s in it for you.

Benefits of a cloud based help desk

Of course the greatest benefit of all is that you don’t need to have your own server, an IT guy to set everything up and expensive software to support it. You only need a browser and you are ready to work. Here are some of the other benefits of the cloud based help desk:

  • Instant setup - Spend a minute and take your customer support to the whole new level with our cloud help desk.
  • We manage the servers and software for you - We also deal with backups and have a solid help desk backup policy.
  • You will always have the latest and greatest version - We roll out new features every day.
  • Lightning Support Response - If you will see any errors, we will fix them in minutes.
  • Reliability - Our cloud ticketing solution had 99.87% uptime last year. Hosted on Amazon's powerful servers and monitered 24/7 makes us solid as a rock.
  • You can use it anywhere - From your laptop, cell phone, tablet, you name it - it is always accessible.
  • speedy - We use help desk CDN to serve our assets. It is fast for everyone in the world.
  • Cost effective - Less investment compared to a software help desk. Your company benefits from this right away.
  • Care about the environment? - We do. World doesn’t need another server, use ours instead.

Summing up

To sum it up, we are always keeping an eye on our cloud help desk. If you decide to go with the downloadable help desk (we have self-hosted help desk for your server too), you will need to wait for a new release to get new features and fixes and while we work hard on that too we cannot guarantee the same speed of upgrades.

And of course you will need to manage all software and hardware yourself, do you really want all that hassle? Your data is safe with us - safety is our top priority and we will never let you down. We released our ticketing system six years ago and can proudly say we have had no leaks, hacks or serious outages.

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