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Help Desk Software for Websites

Help desk software for websites is especially important because a company website can have hundreds if not thousands of visitors, some of them requiring online support. Customers deal with many technical issues and they may either have problems with the systems or simply need guidance. Jitbit allows a company to integrate a helpdesk application into a website, so customers can contact the company for support right from the Web. This can also enable the company to operate with less support staff.

Jitbit Helpdesk provides comprehensive website helpdesk solution. It easily integrates into existing websites via the support widget that can be added to your "contact us" page. With Jitbit your support staff can easily manage issues from either their email inbox or from a mobile application. The hosted helpdesk app comes in three different versions depending on the size and needs of the company's website.

Our software can enable a small support team to effectively manage hundreds of support issues at a time. These issues can be categorized based on the type of issue and the priority of the issue and the software can be integrated directly into the company's existing email service. Support staff can check periodically to see what issues are still open and which issues need to be dealt with immediately. Every issue will have history attached to it which enables the staff to keep up to date on the newest developments.

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