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Why SaaS Help Desk?

The 7 "not-so-obvious" benefits of SaaS

When it comes to SaaS software, including, of course, a SaaS help desk, everyone mentions reliability, zero maintenance costs, "no hardware headaches", "available everywhere" and other obvious benefits. There's also the non-obvious ones:

  • Fast setup - it takes seconds to set up a demo account in the SaaS software. The procedure is usually fully automated.
  • Usable on inexpensive PCs - no need for a "dual-core-power-gigahertz-lots-of-RAM" box. A $100 laptop will do!
  • Always the latest version - when a vendor rolls out a new version everyone instantly get the upgrade.
  • Platform independent - finally! Your designer prefers a Mac? Fine! Let him use the web-based SaaS app on it.
  • No legacy - a big issue with buying traditional software is that it almost always results in previous versions lying around cluttering up the place.
  • No viruses - no installation means no malware
  • Usable on smartphones - truly platform independent

SaaS is the future

The modern economy is marginalizing the value of legacy software applications. Traditional software involves significant up-front acquisition costs and requires recurring maintenance, support and upgrade costs that are multiples of initial acquisition costs.

SaaS, on the other hand, saves a customer from these costs. The saas helpdesk software runs on a remote server that is maintained by the vendor. "Multi-tenant" SaaS software (one server/database for multiple customers) allowed saas vendors to keep the cost of infrastructure and associated maintenance low so that they could make some money in the hosted software market and pass on savings to customers in the form of reduced subscription fees.

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