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What Is A Macro Recorder?

If you don't currently use a macro recorder you're missing a trick. Used smartly it is just about the handiest little application you can have for speeding up the kind of tasks you repeat ad infinitum in your work flow. The old cliché that time is money is unfortunately very true in today's cut and thrust business world and anything that improves your efficiency and, at least as importantly, accuracy is worth investing in. A macro is nothing more than a pre-defined set of actions – whether that is mouse moves, keyboard depression or a combination of both – so a macro recorder records those moves to be used over and over again at the press of a button. We all love a short cut so utilising a decent keyboard macro program must be a no-brainer.

A Keyboard Macro Program For Accuracy

Even though a good quality macro recorder like Jitbit's will take advantage of the latest technology (ours uses Smart-REC ™) to improve the accuracy of recorded mouse moves, due to the nature of the beast small errors can creep in unnoticed - for example, a picture could appear differently in a screen or a window could open in a slightly different position. If your macro recorder includes a quality keyboard macro program in its make-up these unfortunate errors can be all but eradicated. Most smart people already use a few keyboard short-cuts in place of rolling the mouse around such as CTRL+C to copy or CTRL+V to paste, but making that a priority when recording macros will improve the accuracy – especially useful if you are making use of our recorders ability to create .EXE files to be passed around to less techy members of the company. Making use of less common shortcuts such as ALT+TAB to switch between open programs and CTRL+up or down arrow to move the insertion point to the next paragraph will all help when looking to create the best quality macros.

Despite this Jitbit's keyboard macro program has a great debugging feature anyway so even if tiny errors do slip in you will be able to stop and go back through each step of your macros to remove errors. Imagine how simple life would be if we could do that with everything!

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