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7 Must-Have Features of a Macro Recorder

A good macro program is a tool that:
  1. Records the mouse including mouse clicks, mouse movements, wheel actions, drag-n-drop operations... An optional feature to record in relative coordinates makes a great addition.
  2. Records the keyboard including hotkey combinations and shortcuts.
  3. Adjustable playback speed and repeats so you don't have to automate your actions in "realtime", speed them up! Also, why limit yourself to one playback only? Record a macro and keep it running for 24 hours.
  4. Binding macros to hotkeys so you always have you macros at hand when you need them. Just press a shortcut and the macro will run.
  5. Visual designer that shows a recorded macro in a readable form and allows editing them
  6. Different commands, not just keyboard and mouse automation - a good macro recorder can add predefined "commands" to a macro. Like "open file", "launch website", "computer shutdown", "clear clipboard" and many more
  7. Debugging features - stepping through a recorder macro line-by-line, breakpoints, "play-to" and "play-from" tools, etc

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