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Computers, Puppies, Humans & the Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

One of the marvelous things that make us Human is our ability to Communicate. Not only are we able to communicate with people from our own family and community (although you would get an argument from my ex-wife on just how good I am at THAT), to a certain extent we are even able to communicate with creatures from other species.

If you have ever trained a pup to sit, speak, or even to not piddle on the rug, you know that the secret is get the pup's attention and then to repeat the lesson until it becomes part of her consciousness. (Please don't ask my Ex about getting my attention.)

Do I Need To Paper-Train my PC?

Many of the processes are similar when we deal with our computer. Whether or not you are 'teaching' the computer, there will be a lot of repetition. The computer can seem like a new species, but it is really just a machine. This means we should be able to let it do the repetitive tasks on its own. This is where the mouse and keyboard recorder in Jitbit's Macro Recorder comes in.

During our daily work there are a number of simple actions that we do over and over again on the computer. We tap a certain combination of keys, move the mouse back and forth and click, then tap the keyboard a few more times. Over and over again. These are important actions, but the time could be spent on more productive and creative tasks (like up-loading pictures of the puppy).

Let The Computer Do What The Computer Is Good At

When the mouse and keyboard recorder sees and remembers these repetitive tasks for us, the Macro Recorder will learn them and figure out how to do them for you! This means that many of those time-consuming daily tasks like filling out forms, hard-drive management and generating information can be accomplished as simply as telling Macro Recorder to do them!

Macro Recorder has been designed to be simple to use. You won't be able to teach the pup to use it (maybe you can, but in a few months he will start drooling on the keyboard), but it will be a useful tool for your staff. The interface is straight forward and instinctual. You can easily convert your macros to EXE files which run on any Windows compatible computer.

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