MailJet - "mass email software", used to send personalized emails to a list of recipients.

MailJet has been discontinued and is no longer sold by Jitbit Software. Please return to our homepage

Mass Email Software

MailJet is a mass email software tool, used to send customized emails to a list of recipients. Jitbit encourages opt-in and legitimate mailings and MailJet is NOT a spam software, since is has no built-in SMTP-server and requires a legitimate email-account to operate. MailJet is a mass email software, which can be used to send out press-releases, newsletters and announcements to your customers, subscribers and partners.

Personalized emails

MailJet comes with a built-in mailing list manager and allows sending personalized marketing emails to a group of recipients by using tags. Tags are replaced with user specific data, for example, %FirstName% tag will be replaced with the person's first name. You can manage multiple mail-lists at once.

Simple communicating with lists of recipients

MailJet has a built-in mailing list manager that allows working with multiple mail lists. All you have to do to start your first email marketing campaign, is copy your email-account settings from your email software and start sending out messages in seconds.

Send mass emails to CSV-imported contacts

Export your contacts from Gmail or Yahoo email accounts to a CSV file. Then import the contacts to our newsletter software.

import newsletter contacts from Gmail