Jan 27 2012 :: by Max

I don’t remember myself as a non-smoker and I don’t remember how was it – to live without cigarettes. Now I’m 23, and I had been smoking since I was 15. That’s not a lifetime, but quite much for this age.

It’s been 20 days since I quit smoking. Maybe it’s a little bit too early, but I think I have something to share.

Every friend of mine, who’s recently quit smoking, did it with the help of Allen Carr’s “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. Yeah, you’ve heard about that book, I bet you know a couple of people, who quit after reading it, too. The thing is, it never really worked for me and I don’t know why exactly. I think mostly because this book is too general. Allen did a good job describing the primary reasons why smokers smoke, but everyone has their own reasons and their priorities are different.

I never gave a shit about the harm smoking caused to my health. I mean, come on, I’m 23, I’m too young and dumb for that. Money has also never been a problem for me. I have my own reasons to quit.

The first reason is being out of cigarettes in the middle of the night. You need to stop doing whatever you are doing, put your clothes on and go outside to buy them. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning, I needed them right now, I was panicking and nervous. Don’t forget – it’s dark and cold outside, and it’s a long way to the closest 24/7 shop.

The second reason is that smoking is anti-social. I’m not talking about the society in general, I’m talking about my friends. Smoking really started to affect them.

I almost don’t have smoking friends anymore and I used to have a lot. I often find myself at some party smoking somewhere alone, while everyone else is having fun together. Smoking is fucked up. That came clear to me on my last vacation in Paris this New Year. I traveled with three non-smoking friends. Here’s the typical situation: everyone is sitting in the restaurant, enjoying wine and delicious food, having conversation to each other and I am standing outside alone in the fucking rain, freezing and smoking my damn cigarette. I don’t wanna do it anymore. Ever.

Smoking is a pain in the ass when visiting non-smoking friends. You make everyone uncomfortable – you need an ashtray, which they probably don’t have, you need a place to go for a smoke, chances are it’ll be another cold, dark and desperate place of suffering, you smoke your cigarette, and finally you come back smelling like shit. Maybe that’s not a problem for you, because you’re a cool guy, who doesn’t care about what the society thinks, blah-blah-blah. Well, good for you. But I do care, because I don’t like being a selfish dick with my friends.

Those are my reasons, you got to have yours. If you want to quit, you should made a decision, that’s the only thing that matters, everything will go easy after that. You can’t make a decision without reasons.

The next thing Alan Carr would’ve told you is that you’re going to smoke your last cigarette ever. Fuck that. I don’t want to do anything for the last time ever. Smoking has it’s pros and they, as well as cons, are individual for everyone.

I love to smoke when I’m drunk. I love to go out to smoke with mates on occasional parties to talk about men’s stuff. A lot of good and funny things happen in the smoking areas, I don’t wanna miss that. It’s all fine, your only goal here is not to become an addict again, that’s not very easy, so use your head and smoke responsibly. Unless you’re getting drunk everyday, you’re good, and if you are – well, that’s a different problem (by the way, I know how to solve it too).

So, this method basically has two prerequisites:

  1. You should have reasons strong enough to make a decision to quit. I’m sure you have those. Write down all pros and cons that matter to you, you’ll see that there are way more pros than cons. Smoking is just irrational.

  2. You shouldn’t be dumb. If you are – go try Allan Carr’s book first.

My point is, as it turns out, you can quit by yourself. It’s the easiest thing ever. You literally should just stop and that’s it.

'Easy way to quit smoking (unless you're dumb)' was written by Max by Max. co-founder