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CRM Project Management

CRM meets Project Management

Jitbit CRM is ideal for "project-based" companies and small businesses. Whether you're a wedding-planner, a graphic design studio, a web-site developer or a consultant - it will perfectly fit your needs. Our CRM is "project-oriented".

  • Create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines.
  • Group projects by company or contact
  • See the project revenues, like "client X has brought me over $3000 in 3 months"

Let your clients participate

Communicate with your clients right inside the CRM system. Send them a copy of a note you're adding into your CRM, and automatically see their replies within the system.

Keeping it stupidly simple

We follow the KISS-rule: no complicated charts and diagrams, no tangled reports - all the data is at your fingertips. Concentrate on your projects, instead of entering crazy amounts of excessive data into the system.

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