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Small Business CRM

Jitbit CRM is aimed at small businesses and teams or even individuals - web-design studios, PR-firms, custom software development shops etc. etc. etc. Many small businesses will fit here.

What makes our app a perfect CRM for small business?

Jitbit CRM is project/deals oriented (among other great features). And here's a typical scenario your small business can use it:

Usage example:

Say, your studio designs a new logo for Google for $2000 USD. OR - say, your PR-firm opens a new restaurant for "Google Restaurants". Or... Well, you name it.

  • Create a new company named "Google" in the CRM app.
  • Create a new project in the CRM app, called "Google Logo Design", linked to this company and with a value "$2000 USD".
  • Create and assign tasks within this project, add contacts (people that work in Google that you interact with)
  • Track your progress, log interactions, even send email replies right from the CRM app!

No project yet? No problem!

You're NOT doing a project for some company, you're just searching for new clients? No problem! You can still add your leads into the system, track your sales calls and emails, assign sales tasks to your team etc. etc.

Even more uses

You're not doing any project and you're not searching for new customer, you just want to look up a particular client's history? No problem - open the company card and see it's projects, it's contacts (people that work in that company), total revenue, emails, calls...

...the best part

Our CRM is dead simple! You feel like an expert in no time. All the important relations of your small business will get the attention they deserve.

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