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Benefits of a web-based CRM

This one may be pretty obvious, but let us clear things up again. Most of the CRM systems are complicated desktop software, probably with Windows-only clients. You need to have at least a Windows laptop to access your data. It has no use in the modern world. Here are the key benefits our web-based CRM provide:

  1. Access from anywhere. Now everyone has a smartphone or a tablet and, with our web-based CRM, you can access your data from anywhere, if you are connected to the Internet of course. No need to carry yor heavy laptop with you every time – whether you are going to the business meeting with a client, or you're on vacation with your family. And we optimized it for mobile devices for your convenience.
  2. No difference in performance compared to desktop apps. Thanks to the modern technologies, there is almost no performance drawback between web and desktop apps. Actually, the speed of the app is mostly defined by the speed of your Internet connection.
  3. It's secure. We use SSL to encrypt all data transfers. It's absolutely secure and cannot be cracked by anyone in the world.
  4. It's easy to maintain. All your users need to access our web-based CRM is a browser, which they already have. You have one server to maintain and one app to upgrade. Chose our hosted SaaS CRM and we will do all of the above for you.
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