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What Are CRM Systems?

The question, "What are crm systems?" is commonly asked by those who are not familiar with this terminology or how such systems work. If you are an individual who is not familiar with CRM systems or how they work, do not fret. The answer is simple. CRM systems help businesses to keep track of their interactions, like customer contacts, sales and business transactions. These systems can either be hosted on a private server owned by the business owners themselves or hosted in the cloud by the companies that manage the CRM solutions. It is essential that business owners do research before purchasing a CRM solution.

What Are CRM Systems and Why Research Which One to Buy?

Business owners have to get past asking, "What are CRM systems." and actually do some research on different ones before they buy one. Many of the programs are overpriced, lack features and are not easy to use at all. Most companies that sell CRM solutions charge for each user that is added onto the system, and the cost can be as much as $30 a month per user. Depending on the system, the features that are the most needed may be the ones that are lacking. These features may include things, such as customizations and a simple interface. Finally many systems are built for enterprises and require hours of manual reading to even understand how to click a few buttons.

What to Do

Business owners who need a simple CRM solution will be glad to know that Jitbit has just that. Jitbit's program is built on the .net platform, is lightweight and easy to configure. Business owners are not required to pay for each additional user. All that is required is to pay the onetime fee for the software and a small monthly fee to have it hosted, should the business owner want Jitbit to host it in the cloud for them. This program's features are also plentiful. This solution is highly customizable, can send out automatic emails to contacts and can be integrated with an existing directory users catalog. No other solution can compare to Jitbit's creation.

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