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Email downtime on Friday, Sep 23 2016

Email downtime on Friday, Sep 23 2016

Sep 24 2016 :: by Alex

We had an email issue this Friday, September 23rd. Some emails sent to the built-in email addresses ("[email protected]") were not being imported into your helpdesks. The issue occurred approximately between 3PM and 4PM EDT.

There’s been a malfunction with the anti-spam and anti-virus modules on our Postfix server, as a result some emails were falsely marked as suspicious and been delayed. We’ve fixed the issues, and the messages sent after 4pm were coming through just fine.

The good news is that nothing has been lost. It’s been a long night on this side of the pond, but we were able to successfully recover all the missing emails and they were properly delivered into your Jitbit instances. But some of your incoming tickets came in 3-10 hours late.

We are terribly sorry about this and we made sure this never happens again. While trying to improve one side of the problem (tuning anti-spam to protect you from junk mail) we accidentally broke the other. This won’t happen again, since we now a have a backup email server, that launches once there’s even a tiny problem with the primary one.

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