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Converting every lead into a sale is every business owner's dream. However, this takes a lot of effort. And being able to provide 24/7 customer support really helps, keeping you in touch with your leads while they move through your sales funnel.

Wondering how to be available 24/7 to your leads? With the help of an IT ticketing software, you can setup bots, for example, to serve your leads even when the live agent is off the keyboard. Or - hire an international customer support team from different countries to balance with the different time zones, and provide help to leads from all over the world.

Here’s how a 24/7 customer support boosts your lead conversion:

1. Keeps Leads Engaged In The Funnel

The more your leads are engaged, the higher the chances of conversion. Most of their objections should be dealt with, while they're still in the funnel. With a 24/7 customer support, your leads are free to raise any issues that might be hindering them from closing a sale at any time, which is convenient for them. This gives you the golden opportunity of timely resolving their issues and offering more services before they move on to other businesses.

A study by Forrester reveals that managing your leads results in a 20% rise in sales opportunities and businesses which practice lead management achieve 50% more sales at a lower cost of 33%. And this is through engaging with your leads through their buying journey.

2. Enhances Timely Followups

80% of all sales require up to 5 follow up times yet 44% of sales representatives give up after the first follow up. You have to timely follow up on your leads and remind them of your offers. Follow up on your leads every time they seem to become silent.

You can check on the time your particular qualified leads usually contact your business which can be after working hours or on Monday mornings for example. Hack into this and check on your leads at that time they usually make contact. Best of all, with consistent, follow-ups, your leads are prompted to close the sale.

3. Builds Trust

Customers today naturally fear to buy from businesses they don’t know and as a result, they have many questions for your business before they buy. With a 24/7 customer support, you are always there to address these questions as they come and this wins your lead’s trust. Because it assures them that they can access your help/support whenever they need it. As customers always request timely assistance every time they engage. This trust drives your leads to buy and even recommend others.

For example, according to the Harvard Business Review, there’s a 10 times reduction in lead qualification if you take longer than 5 minutes to respond to your leads. And a 400% decrease if you respond within 10 minutes. Thus, you need to provide a timely service 24/7 to win the trust of your leads and drive them to buy.

4. Raises Your First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution refers to the time it takes your business to respond to your customers/leads and solve their issues. A 24/7 customer support helps in raising the level of your First contact resolution. As it helps you to make the first contact with your leads/customers every time they engage for your goods/services. This increases your sales chances because most of the sales go to sales agents who make the first customer/ lead contact.

Look at this:

According to a research by Inside sales, 35-50% of sales go to vendors who respond first. What does this mean? With a high first contact resolution, you win more lead conversion for your business.

5. Widens Your Lead/ Customer Base

A 24/7 customer support links your business to international markets and connects it to leads from all over the world. Most of these leads are qualified leads because by the time they reach out to your business, they already have interest for your goods/ services. And won’t spend much time in your sales funnel before closing the sale.

Remember, few businesses embrace the 24/7 customer support because according to the Harvard Business Review study of 2,241 companies, only 37% of the companies responded to their customers in an hour, 53% in a day, 24% after 24 hours. And 23% have never even responded. This exposes the loopholes in the customer support of other businesses and makes your business stand out and attract most of the leads to your business if you can be available all the time. By the way, with even less competition, most of your leads are likely to convert to customers.

The Bottom Line

The internet is a global marketplace and attracts leads from all over the world so, your business needs to provide 24/7 customer service to meet different time zones of different leads/ customers.

More so, the internet has evolved business communication in a way that customers want to contact you at any time as the internet can be accessed 24/7. Thus, you need to be present to close deals with your leads/ customers any time they need to.

But the good news is that with the best ticket management tool, you can offer help even when the live agent is away, by using features like a self-serve portal, chatbots and automation.

'How 24/7 Customer Support Boosts Lead Conversions' was written by Alex Yumashev
Alex Yumashev
Alex has founded Jitbit in 2005 and is a software engineer passionate about customer support.

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