Purchasing FAQ

How do I buy a product?

Above all, thanks for considering Jitbit.

Registration keys are delivered instantly.

What payment methods are available?

We accept customer orders via VISA, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB credit cards.

We also accept PayPal, US$ Checks, Eurochecks, International Wire Transfers, European Bank Transfers, E-checks (aka "ACH") and Purchase Orders (PO's are accepted only for amounts more than US$ 100). Payments can be made Online, by Fax, by Mail or by Phone.

Do you have resellers?

Yes, we have a number of qualified resellers.

When do I receive my product? What is the purchasing process?

After your order is processed, you receive either a full-version password-protected download link OR a product activation code for previously downloaded product (it depends on the product you are buying). You will get the registration code or download password instantly if you placed the order with your credit card. Otherwise, you have to wait 1-2 business days if you paid via online check or electronic funds transfer.

I have lost my serial number or download password. What can I do?

Please contact our support. We will provide you with a new key free of charge.

The serial I received is not working!!! Help!!!

Please ensure you have the latest version of our software. Please ensure you are entering the username and the registration code exactly as this information appears in the registration email. Use "copy-paste".

What is your upgrade policy?

Jitbit Software offers free version upgrades within one year after the initial purchase. Simply use your existing registration code or download password to register/download the latest version of the software. Critical updates and error-fixes are free forever. Technical support is also free for lifetime.

My reg. key has stopped working after downloading the latest version

Jitbit Software offers free version upgrades within one year after the initial purchase. If your purchase was made less then 1 year ago, then please contact our support, and we will resolve the issue. Otherwise please consider upgrading to the latest version or continue using your current version, which will stay supported forever, of course. In any case, if you believe you deserve a free upgrade for some reason, please let us know, and we will give you a free upgrade.


The online ordering process is totally automated. After an order is placed, our servers send out an email message with a serial number or a password. The only reason, why a registration email may not reach you, is because of Anti-Spam filters. Either your Internet provider, or your email-service provider, or some intermediate filter, or email-reader has blocked the message. Please submit an issue using our Support Form and we will get back to you, and deliver the serial number from our backup alternate mailboxes ASAP.

How do I buy your product with a purchase order?

We accept Purchase Orders for the amounts starting at $100. To pay with a purchase order please follow these steps:

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer volume discounts, reseller discounts, charity discounts etc. Please contact us for an individual coupon code.

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How Jitbit Help Desk helps you with GDPR

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