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Hosted Support Ticket System

A Support Ticket System is used to answer customer questions and solve their problems online. Typically it's a web-application that runs on a company's server, but the "hosted" version works on our cloud server ensuring maximum security and availability for your customers and clients.

Benefits of a Hosted System

You can, of course, have a support system on your own server (and our support ticket system allows that perfectly), but that would require you to take care of the server, the software, the hardware, the security, upgrading the software and regular back up of the data. Phew! Budgetary demands may prevent you using the best hardware available and you simply may not even have a budget for the staff necessary to maintain your helpdesk The obvious answer, then, is to use our hosted support ticket system.

As well as being hassle free the money you save by choosing a hosted helpdesk is sizable. There is no need to buy your own server or any related software, hire system administrators or pay for the software upgrades. We back up both the database and our entire server daily and provide a friendly, professional service that is both fast and secure

Why Jitbit?

  • The support ticket system from Jitbit is affordable and easy to use - where else can get a cloud solution for less than a dollar per day on the basic plan?
  • Integrates with your existing on-premise infrastructure: Active Directory, SAML, Exchange server, etc.
  • Asset management, Knowledge Base, controlling service desk permissions
  • You can use it instantly and there is no setup charge.
  • All the software upgrades are free forever.
  • We tune performance on daily basis so you will always get the best service for your company.

Jitbit also provides two way email integration where the system converts all incoming emails into tickets and users can attach any number of files, images to the tickets. The hosted support ticket system is run on a super speedy high bandwidth network so you do not have to worry about the speed of your service and our SSL connection provides great security.

You can try this hosted support service free before committing to purchase. We can even extend your free period if you're still not sure.

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