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We offer a full-featured saas-platform that helps you handle your customers gently - a SaaS help desk from Jitbit

Table of contents:
What is SaaS
What is SaaS in Helpdesk
SaaS Benefits
What is SaaS Helpdesk Software
Why Would I Choose a Hosted app
Business before software

What is "SaaS"?

"SaaS" means "Software as a Service". It is a way of delivering apps over the Internet as a web-service. Instead of downloading and installing software on your computer or server, you simply access the software online, freeing yourself from software and hardware maintenance headaches.

SaaS software is also known as "Web-based software", "hosted software" or "on-demand software", because SaaS applications run on the vendor's servers and it is the vendor who takes care of security, performance, access management and availability. It is a software licensing model when an online application is used as a service on demand. Nothing has to be installed on your side!

What is "SaaS help desk"?

Now, when it comes to Help Desk Software, "SaaS help desk" simply means that rather than purchasing software and hardware to run your own copy of the software "in house", on your own server, all you need is a computer and a web-browser to access and use the help desk app that is hosted on our server.

SaaS benefits:

Here's what you get by choosing a SaaS solution over a traditional one:

No infrastructure

You don't have to worry about anything: backups, security, uptime, version updates are all taken care by us, the SaaS provider

Secure database hosting

The helpdesk's database is hosted on our cloud servers at Amazon's Virginia-based datacenter. Equipped with modern router, high-performance network and the best engineers, these servers have 24x7 monitoring and everyday backups.

Always the latest version

You don't have to install upgrades, updates, patch your server, install hotfixes or do anything - it's all being taken care of by us..


You can use the SaaS-helpdesk app on your smartphone, your iPad, your laptop or your office computer via the browser. Follow the link for more info.

No obligations

You can cancel your SaaS-subscription any day, anytime.

If you run your own business you know the addition of quality helpdesk software can take a lot of the hassle and potential headaches out of your interactions with the public. The ability to track tickets from first contact to completion and easily analyse reports to recognise patterns are massive assets, we think you’ll agree. If that software is also incredibly powerful and requires no download, set-up or maintenance and is accessible literally anywhere you have an internet connection then it becomes a must have. And that is where SaaS comes in...

What is SaaS Helpdesk Software?

"Software as a service" or SaaS is simply another way of describing a hosted or web-based application that removes any need for you to have your own server to host – it’s entire upkeep is provided by an internet host who offers it as a “service”. So, in essence, SaaS helpdesk software is a helpdesk program you access on the net provided by a host.

Why Would I Choose a Hosted app?

Hassle free

All that is required is to sign up. After that all the maintenance, regular updates, back-ups, data storage and security is taken care of by us.

Accessible Any Place and Any Time

Yep, if you want to deal with Mr Jingle’s faulty parachute whilst eating ice cream with your kids you can. With Jitbit’s mobile apps you can literally always be on the button providing exceptional service. Our research has shown around 15% (and rising!) of all helpdesk traffic now comes through mobile devices and for this reason we’re always updating our mobile apps to improve usability and speed without losing any of the functionality of the desktop software. Using “responsive web design” has allowed us to create a slightly different version for every device to achieve this goal.

Rock Solid Security

Apart from the obvious benefits of having no software to download therefore no chance of malware or viruses, our helpdesk is hosted on Amazon’s highly impressive servers at two of their datacenters in Virginia equipped with state of the art routers and networks and serviced around the clock by highly skilled engineers. On top of this we backup all your data daily and backup the entire server daily so you never need fear losing any of the crucial information that can make or break your business – and never fear anyone leaving a laptop full of sensitive files on the train! Should you decide our SaaS helpdesk software isn’t for you we’ll still keep a backup of your files for four months in case you change your mind – how’s that for service!

Value for Money

With no software to buy (the first saving) there is no need to pay anyone to install your SaaS helpdesk software or keep it purring along like a well oiled machine. This means your IT team can be dealing with more pressing matters elsewhere while we slave over the code – hey, you don’t even need an IT team to use a hosted helpdesk. There are no additional fees for upgrades and we’ll ensure they happen smoothly and you only ever notice the benefits rather than any annoying downtime.

PC at Work, Mac at Home?

That’s just fine! Being web-based there is no conflict across platforms so PC and Mac users can benefit from one subscription. We even have a cool new iPhone app that’s making waves.

Get Started FAST

With a self-hosted helpdesk it could take days for your programmers to install, test, tweak and test again before giving the all clear to use your helpdesk. Using a hosted helpdesk requires you to sign up and, um, well, that’s it. You could literally be ready to go in five minutes. Actually, both versions of our helpdesk are incredibly intuitive and user friendly so there’s very little learning curve either.

Try It Out!

We have every faith our SaaS helpdesk software is the best on the market and back this up by offering a free trial, which we are even happy to extend if you ask us nicely. We want you to be sure after all!

Business Before Software (as a service)

For as long as there has been business, business transactions have needed to be written down. In fact, the very earliest clay-tablet scribblings were not love poems, they were counting how many sacks of grain were being loaded onto the camels to be traded with the next town up the road. And after centuries of writing everything down in ledger books and filling acres of filing cabinets, suddenly every desk in every office had a computer. Business is about more than just moving around goods and services; at its heart, business success is about handling information.

Having a computer on each desk meant being able to use the information more efficiently, but the computer needed software to tell it how to handle the information. With SaaS you don't even need software. Nor the computer. You don't even have to be in your office, accessing the web-based application via a smartphone. The app is online, works wherever you have a web-connection.

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