Same price for any number of users

We believe "self-hosted" web-based software should not be priced on a "per user" basis.

That's why all Jitbit's web-based products are priced "per product".

This is our mantra, our "mission statement" and what makes us different from the competition. This is what it's like today and this is how it stays forever.

Hope we made ourselves clear on this

For instance: no matter how many users and "service technicians" will work in the web-based helpdesk, the price is the same. Two technicians? Ten? A hundred? It's fine.

Let's admit it, the development costs are the same - no matter how many users work within the app.

What about SaaS?

Yes, this makes sense with a SaaS-solution (hosted helpdesk in our example) that is hosted on our server... We pay for traffic, we pay for cloud storage, we pay for RAM and CPU power we rent from a cloud provider.

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Mar 30 2020
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Product update: Jitbit Helpdesk Gets a Dark Theme

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