Aug 31 2010 :: by Alex Yumashev
I know a guy who's grandfather has bent the universe once.

Long time ago he worked at a plant and desperately needed a special kind of grindstone for his machine. The grindstone of a specific diameter and shape that he could not find anywhere, it's not something you just buy in a hardware store.
"I kept thinking and thinking about this grindstone" - he said - "It was the only question sitting in my head. I went to sleep and woke up with it. I really needed that stone, I would love to buy it, but where? I kept thinking and thinking about it and all of a sudden - I just found it. Just like that, it was lying on the ground next to the bus stop. I've bent the universe in my favor."

That's exactly how it works in sports - when your body follows your eyes. I played tennis for 10 years when I was a kid and my tennis coach used to say "Look ahead! Look where you want the ball to be, your body will do the rest."

15 years later, on the racetrack, my motorcycle coach used to say "Look ahead! Don't look at the tarmac, look into the corner and your body will do the rest and make the bike follow your look. Don't use the handlebar to turn, use your eyes instead".

Our body is constructed that way - it follows our eyes, reaching for something we're looking at.

And just like the body follows your eyes, the reality follows your thoughts. Keep thinking, keep trying. Keep visualizing your dream, turning a dream into a goal. Then add deadlines to your goal and make it real. Keep your eyes on the goal and "your body will do the rest".

'How To Bend The Universe' was written by Alex Yumashev
Alex Yumashev
Alex has founded Jitbit in 2005 and is a software engineer passionate about customer support.

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