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Jitbit Helpdesk

Deliver awesome support to your customers. Jitbit Help Desk ticketing system is dead simple, amazingly powerful and takes seconds to set up. Just forward support emails to the helpdesk app and start managing tickets. We have both SaaS and on-premise versions. Both integrate perfectly with your mailboxes, Active Directory, Google Drive and more besides.

Email First Helpdesk

We have live chat, integrations, knowledge base, even chatbots but our primary focus is email. We spent years polishing our email ticketing system. We support IMAP, MS Exchange, POP3, SMTP etc. We have built-in anti spam, deduping, and email flood protection. We even provide built-in mailboxes for our SaaS customers, if you don't already have one.

Quick to set up

Our helpdesk software can be up and running in no time. Sign up for our cloud-hosted helpdesk and start processing support tickets in less than 30 seconds.

Powerful and Affordable

All the helpdesk must-haves – email processing, automation, integrations (JIRA, Slack, Dropbox) – at the lowest possible price.


Analyse the load, detect bottlenecks, export to CSV/Excel

Mobile helpdesk

Jitbit Helpdesk comes with free mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Support customers when you’re on the go. Let customers keep tabs on their tickets.

Our mobile app allows you to view and reply to tickets, update ticket details, assign technicians, attach files... All this through your smartphone. And with the same great user experience you get on desktop. Even on slow connections.

1000's of support tickets for our clients every day

Tickets today
Tickets this month
Tickets all time

Help Desk Automation

Automate the repetitive parts of customer support. And save a heap of time in the process.

With our powerful automation triggers you can ask Jitbit to send automatic replies, assign technicians to tickets and set ticket due dates. You can even get the help desk to send HTTP requests to third-party servers.

A power user feature, Jitbit automation takes care of the routine. So you get to spend more time helping out your customers.

Team mailbox

Imagine a shared inbox for your helpdesk team. Then throw in some advanced reporting.

How about bulk actions and ticket-merging capabilities? And let’s add transparency for your customers into the mix.

That’s what Jitbit is all about.

The main ticket list lets you and your team see everything that's happening at a glance. It helps you prioritize your support ticket queue. And recognize which tickets need your attention right now.

With rich filtering and sorting features too, you’ll never forget to reply to another ticket again.

Canned responses and Knowledge Base

Typing out the same response to the same query day after day? Let Jitbit rescue you from the boredom of repetitive tasks.

Insert canned responses or links to Knowledge Base articles with a couple of clicks. Jitbit even suggests relevant Knowledge Base articles to customers while they’re typing support requests.

Vote for features like in UserVoice

"Ideas" forum

Let your customers suggest and vote for new features. And discuss them in a public forum. This free add-on makes product management both easy and data-driven.

You can prioritize your roadmap publicly. And discover which features and improvements your users really want to see.

IT Service Management

Not just a helpdesk, Jitbit IT ticketing system helps manage IT service requests, track your organization's assets (servers, computers and other hardware), organize users into departments, assign different IT specialists to different parts of your IT infrastructure.

Integration with 500+ applications

Jitbit Helpdesk offers built-in integration with Slack, Jira, Github, Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, Harvest, Visual Studio Online and many more. It’s also connected to Zapier, which facilitates integration with 500+ different apps.

Built-in API and webhooks mean you can connect to your in-house apps in seconds.

We also have several built-in single sign-on options. So you can authenticate users via SAML, Active Directory (including Azure), Google Account or your own custom app or website.


Just some of the testimonials. find more testimonials here

    • Within just a 1 day, I was able to demo your product online, install it locally, buy it, fully import our clients and technicians, build our basic categories, and go live. What a fabulous product! I wish I had found you years ago.

      Eric Seelye
      President/CEO at Empiric Solutions
    • I have to say our company was using a higher priced helpdesk and was limited on what we could actually do with the software. Then we found JitBit Helpdesk and the rest is history.

      Matthew Moore
      Jones Plastics
    • I would like to thank the great development team you have. I've raised perhaps 30 tickets with feature requests and many of them have already been implemented! You really know customer support and do it very well, keep it up!

      Jason Moody
      Head of Engineering at Snorkel Europe
    • I've been using Jitbit HelpDesk for about 9 months now. The Jitbit group is flexible at implementing requested features and release request updates. It's the best tracker out on the market and I HIGHLY recommend it.

      Kian Torab
      IT Engineer
    • Not only has it been a great software solution for our needs, but the team has been very responsive and helpful whenever we needed assistance. I feel like a partner with JitBit, not just another customers.

      Jared Call
      Support Manager

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